Empower food products with flower flavours

16 February 2024 Market trends

The delightful journey of flavour innovation continues for consumers, inviting them into a world of joy, wellness, and discovery. As we step into 2024, the spotlight shines brightly on the beauty of natural and flavourful ingredients- promising both nourishment for the body and indulgence taste.

Bold and creative flavour pairings add complexity to consumer experiences, even when considering  advantages of functional formulations. The taste of products remains a critical factor in purchasing decisions.  Consider, for instance, how 43% of American consumers are enticed to explore new beverages (not solely for their functional benefits)  rather for the sheer pleasure of their appealing flavours.

Consumers are increasingly drawn to the allure of natural ingredients, particularly within the blossoming landscape of floral flavours that has flourished over the past decade. Popularity of botanical delights stems from their inherent purity and authenticity. These ethereal flavours are now venturing into new frontiers, gracing products like yogurts and milk drinks, enticing adventurous souls in search of novel taste sensations. Imagine the delicate fragrance of orange blossom dancing harmoniously with the earthy richness of walnuts or pistachios, accented by the warm embrace of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, anise, and cloves, a symphony that elevates baked delights to new heights.
Meanwhile, in the UK, 29% of sweet connoisseurs are eager to explore the tangy allure of sour flavours in innovative new treats. Sweet and spicy unions, called ,,swicy" have become a cherished staple among consumers, heralding a evolution that promises even more daring combinations such as sweet and bitter, sweet and sour, or the intriguing fusion of umami/spicy and sour.

The introduction of unique and exotic medleys inspired by diverse culinary traditions plays a pivotal role in captivating consumers and enriching their culinary escapades. Yet, amidst this quest for novelty, the comforting embrace of familiar flavors remains a steadfast desire, with nostalgia exerting a powerful influence on consumer choices. This sentiment is echoed in the hearts of 70% of Spanish consumers who seek solace in the beloved chocolate treats of their childhood.
Most importantly, the trend for 2024 shows a continued focus on pushing the boundaries of flavour innovation, emphasizing the significance of unique combinations and natural ingredients that not only cater to evolving consumer preferences but also contribute to enhanced product appeal and market competitiveness.

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