Peach - A Sentimental Journey to Modernity

24 January 2024 Market trends

Consumers facing economic instability approach new trends in a very ambivalent manner. On one hand, they express significant interest in novel flavours and aromas.  On the other hand, when in stores, they fear taking risks and automatically reach for familiar and trusted products.

For this reason, many producers, while expanding and modernizing their offerings, seek flavours that are tried and loved in other food categories. Through these searches, fruits that we are familiar with from desserts and dairy products have made their way into salty and savory products. These are flavours we enjoy. They provide a sense of security and simultaneously satisfy the need for novelty and adventure.
The influence of pop culture plays a significant role in shaping culinary trends. Last year, after the release of  Barbie movie, the world went crazy for the color pink. The food industry responded with a tremendous increase in the popularity of dragon fruit – visually spectacular and a perfect match for the Barbie trend. When this trend faded a bit, it turned out that another fruit emerged as the winner. More well-known and sentimental – the peach!

Trend experts already know that anything associated with peaches will be in vogue in 2024.
Peachy color, Pantone 13-1023,  was declared the color of the year. Peach-toned creations dominate fashion runways. Peach flavour, combining traditional melancholy with modern energy and freshness, is the most popular addition to food.

Mintel experts estimate that peach flavour will be a key addition to food in 2024. It has already appeared as an ingredient in spices and marinades, sauces, spicy salsas, and dips on global markets. There are peachwood-smoked deli meats, and peach tea is used as a brine for poultry or pork. Peach vinegars are emerging, as well as ready-to-eat soups, hot or cold, with the addition of these fruits.
In many modern spicy products, peach flavour aims to soften and refresh the taste. Chips and tortillas, dried beef, and other spicy snacks combine the heat of various chili peppers with the fresh fruity aroma of peaches.

Mintel portal analysts predict that the next fruit waiting to discover its full potential in the savory product category is the blackberry/blueberry. It is expected to draw from the experience gained by peaches in the coming years.

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