Fat reduction solution

4 March 2022 New soutions

An interview with Arkadiusz Matraszek, a technologist at Interfiber Research and Development Department.

- Fiber in baked goods can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of them are surprising!

- By conducting tests in our laboratory, we check various functions of fibers and we can see on specific applications which uses we can recommend to our customers. Recently, we have dealt with the issue of reducing the amount of fat added to baked goods. We checked sweet bakery products, but also bread and buns.

- Fiber can be used in baked goods to add less fat?

- In the tests that we carried out successfully, we replaced a certain amount of the applied fat with fiber. We are talking about reducing the content of expensive butter by up to 20%! Due to the constantly rising prices of raw materials, we can thus achieve significant savings, even if we use cheaper margarine. Interestingly, in organoleptic tests, the difference between samples with a full dose of fat and a sample with a dose reduced to 80% was not noticeable in the taste or consistency of cookies.

- Were the tests performed only on sweet cookies?

- Fat is also added to many pastries, such as burger buns, toasted bread, sweet roll, challahs and so on. In this area we have achieved even better results. In the buns, we carried out tests, where the amount of added fat was reduced by 50% and even by 100%. Both attempts came out positive and I can fully recommend them to our customers. I think that the option of completely eliminating additional fat for healthy fiber is very beneficial. This is not only a financial benefit, but also the possibility of placing appropriate declarations on the product and much more beneficial nutritional values included in the label.

- What fibres can be used to replace fat in baked goods?

- We have this function of different fibers thoroughly researched, conclusions described, so if anyone is interested in the exact results of our research then feel free to contact us. For technological tests, we recommend our tried and tested products, which we individually select for each customer for the specificity of their production. Of course, we support all customers with knowledge in trying this idea in their applications, and then in implementing this innovation into production.

- Thank you for the conversation.