Pork is more and more desired

27 September 2022 Market trends

Based on thematic reports and research from Mintel Portal, we can see that European consumers' attitudes towards pork are changing. The current economic situation encourages consumers to choose this type of meat more often.
But consumers, who have identified pork with calorific and fatty meat of lower quality so far, are finding it difficult to be convinced by this type of meat. As Mintel points out, leaner cuts of pork can successfully replace beef and poultry, both in everyday eating  as well as meat served on special occasions.

Pork is rich in protein, very universal and usually simple to prepare. Producers, who produced more expensive meat in the recent years, can now learn from the experience of countries where pork consumption is still at a very high level.
Western consumers are familiar with the uses of pork from distant cuisines: Chinese, Mexican and Thai. Let's give them the opportunity to try the suggestions of Polish cuisine, where pork is traditionally the most popular meat. Looking through Mintel's summary of meat products launched in Poland in the last month, we can see 25 products made from pork and only seven products made from other types of meat.

If you need to consult a pork specialist, you won't find a better advisor than the Polish R&D department, which has been working for the Polish meat industry for more than 20 years.
We know everything  about pork processing, due to the fact, that we service meat plants of all sizes: industry leaders, but also small, family-owned and craft companies . We are experts in technology, functional and flavour ingredients, flexi product versions - with added vegetables. We can confidently say that we have cut our teeth on pork!