Back to nature - Leading trend: Botanicals

29 August 2021 Market trends

The outbreak of the pandemic forced a rapid development of modern technologies. Closed in our homes, we had to move to the virtual world. After a short-lived confusion, we settled in this new reality. We learned to use psychological tricks that gave us a substitute for contact with the outside world and nature.

One of such elements that definitely improved our well-being was the natural food. We began to bake homemade bread and cook broth in mass, as well as eat more vegetables and fruits. Everything that is natural, nutritious and beneficial to physical and mental health has gained in importance.

The ongoing and still growing trend of Botanicals derives from this direction. It carries an aura of nostalgia for gardens full of aromatic herbs and flowers, a utopian dream of herbalists who had plant remedies for every ailment. And although the Botanicals trend has nothing to do with herbalism, in the names of herbal, floral and tree flavours- we find a romantic and magical ambience ...

The phrase Botanicals stands for purely plant-based ingredients with immense potential for food production. The botanical ingredients are widely used, mainly to improve organoleptic properties such as flavour, smell, colour and texture. They are also used for their antioxidant properties, such as rosemary extract, or to extend the shelf life. The botanical ingredients are also used to add color or extend the shelf life. In many cases, we can obtain a "clean label" by excluding the use of artificial additives, therefore plant ingredients perfectly fit into the "CLEAN LABEL" trend.

BOTANICALS are also raw materials of plant origin used as functional ingredients in fortified foods, helping to keep the body in good physical condition and health.

As market research shows, as many as 27% of Polish consumers aged 35-44 admit that tree water (e.g. from birch / maple) is an interesting ingredient / flavour in bottled water. And 28% of US consumers     aged 18-24 admit that they would be interested in trying juices flavoured with flowers. According to research from Great Britain, 21% of local consumers are interested in spicy flavours in carbonated soft drinks.

One of the most interesting recent implementations in the Botanicals segment is Japanese tea, which helps to maintain moisture and prevents skin drying. The innovative formula developed by Coca-Cola Japan Ltd. in cooperation with Nihondo contains 120 mg of hyaluronic acid, as well as nine oriental herbal ingredients to improve circulation. Tea is of particular interest to the female part of the population.

Interesting European implementations also deserve attention, such as: Dutch Jumbo - Mango and Jasmine Flavored Feel Immune Green Iced Tea, produced in Estonia Öun - Organic Ginger-Chilli Immunity Booster with an interesting ingredient of spicy chili, German green tea B-Better Orange-Ginger -Acerola Flavored Immunity Water with mint and chamomile, or the British Innocent Refresher Raspberry & Rosemary Flavored Water Beverage with raspberry and rosemary, an increasingly used ingredient in non-carbonated drinks.

For real connoisseurs of flavour, we recommend French jasmine Terroir Mediterraneen - Jasmine Flavor Water, or Russian Shamrock - Ginger, Clitoria Flowers and Lavender Ginger Ale - with an unusual composition of  ginger, ternatine clitoris and lavender.