Unifit LS for Shelf Life Extension

27 September 2021 New soutions

Unifit LS is a unique blend of Unicell Bamboo Fiber BF with sorbic acid. It is dedicated to sliced packed white bread shelf life extension. In order to obtain the expected result of minimal 60 days of usefulness to consumption, the dosage of 2.0% of Unifit LS to flour must be applied*.

*To provide the limit of 2000 mg/kg in the final product.

Our R&D Department conducted the study basing on the white sliced bread application of a following formulation:

The prepared samples of packed sliced white bread were tested by an outsourced independent laboratory.

The purpose of this research was to confirm the time limit of usefulness to consumption and safety of a food item.

Both organoleptic tests and microbiological research were carried out on the first day and after the 60 days of storage.

Initial tests proved relevant quality of the product. After-storage organoleptic tests showed no evidence of changes and microbiological research confirmed appropriate purity of the product.


  • Shelf life extension (usefulness to consumption confirmed for a minimal period of 60 days)

  • Improved feeling of freshness

  • Improved texture