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6 October 2022 News

Interview with Beata Zagroba, COO of Flavours Factory

- Flavours Factory has been operating on the market for eight years. We can observe a very rapid development of the company in the recent few years. Does it result in the new investment plans?

- Yes, we are just about to start the construction of the new production plant in Krusze near Warsaw, next to S8 motorway and close to the headquarters of other Food Ingredients Group companies.
I hope that in the space especially designed for Flavours Factory, adapted to our very specific needs, we will be able to use all the potential of aromas! Thanks to the expansion in production capacity, we will  launch the new assembly lines dedicated to new products in line with health-oriented trends.

- Flavours Factory was established as the next company in Food Ingredients Group. The wide range of flavours was planned to complete the comprehensive offer targeted to the food industry.

- Flavours for food industry appeared as a complement to the range of functional ingredients, spices, fibers and carrageenans. However, it quickly appeared, that they can function in a very good way on the market and are desired by the  customers, apart of the product range of other Food Ingredients Group companies.

- Over 8 years, Flavours Factory has become a brand recognizable in Poland, Europe and Asian markets. How have you convinced customers from such different markets?

- We have a completely different catalogue of flavours dedicated to the Asian market. There are our distributors in Thailand and Singapore, thanks to whom we can  serve customers in India, Malaysia and Indonesia. We sell them a customised line taking into account the taste preferences from this region of the world.

- Flavors Factory's range is dominated by sweet flavours, but you also have a catalogue of dry flavours?

- Dry flavours are mainly aimed to the meat industry or producers and spice mixers. But lately, manufacturers of products for vegetarians and vegans have become  an increasingly important customer for dry flavours from meat lines. This offer is growing extremely fast and is becoming a large market for dry flavours, especially meat flavours used in production of meat analogues.

- Thank you for the interview.