Anti-Caking solution

30 September 2021 News

Global cheese market is growing steadily. Annual production in millions of metric tons is shown on the graph below:

The country that’s leading in cheese production and consumption is the United States. Other countries, though significantly far from the leader, generally note increase in the production and are projected to grow further within the next three years.

There are also significant differences in new launches in terms of regional division. Europe is the region with most new launches, followed by North America.

Our R&D Department conducted many studies that proved fiber effectiveness in different applications. One of them is shredded cheese, where fiber works as an anti-caking agent.


Anti-caking properties of fiber in shredded cheese


Producers often struggle with caking and stickiness in shredded cheese. This may cause different application problems during the production process. Meanwhile, there is a simple solution to this problem – our Unicell fiber.

Unicell is a range of high cellulose products obtained from different raw materials: cellulose, wheat, oat, bamboo or sugar cane. Powdered cellulose (E460ii) is a food additive and the other fibers are labelled as ingredients, therefore their application may vary depending on the local legislation. All of the Unicell products come in different grades. Our recommendation for this particular application is grade 75 or grade 90.

Our R&D Department applied Unicell Wheat Fiber to shredded cheese in the dose of 1%, compared it against control sample, and then tested the samples in time. The results can be seen in the pictures below where the samples were compared.

The effectiveness of fiber is clearly visible when compared to the control sample. We do, however, recomend the dose of 1.5%.  At this point cheese does not bulk and its application is facilitated.

Moreover, the recommended fiber does not introduce any off taste, does not influence the colour or smell so it is organoleptically neutral.