If you spread, do it healthily! Spreads 2022

25 October 2022 Market trends

Spreads, apart from thick dips, are a category that combines nutritional functions with typically entertaining functions for pleasure. They can be used in a different ways - for spreading bread or pancakes, dipping nachos or fresh vegetables, decorating baked potatoes or hard-boiled eggs. Being the ingredients to main meals, spreads are the proposal, that can be easily and quickly modified, and can be purchased in the market  due to a quick, emotional impulse. But at the same time, a balanced nutritious diet is a value that consumers around the world are striving for. They are taking a more holistic approach to their well-being and thinking about their health in a comprehensive way.

According to Mintel'sportal, there have been several new trends in the market for dry and sweet spreads for the last few years. Consumers are mainly looking for plant-based products that can be an alternative to meat spreads. Natural and organic proposals  are  the most popular. Consumers expect innovative and smart solutions. Nowadays, the simple assurance of organic packaging is no longer enough. Today's spreads should offer creative solutions that support health and immunity, providing essential nutrients. 

On the nutritional aspects, we can see a trend toward high protein, fiber or mineral content, as well as a reduction in added sugar. Peanut butter is made without sugar with various ingredients such as licorice or a blend of grains traditionally added to baked breads. Consumers are looking for products with short ingredient lists, and processed as little as possible. Today's market accepts only health-promoting supplements: vitamins, minerals, additional plant protein or fiber. It applies to dry and salty spreads, as well as sweet ones based on chocolate, peanut butter or roasted almonds. We have to keep in mind that the sweet taste does not come from sugar, but from healthy sources of sweetness, such as dried dates.