How we shop in a recession?

25 May 2023 Market trends

The current reality is pushing an increasing number of consumers to be more frugal with their household budgets. Even those who recently didn't have to pay much attention to food costs are now spending their money more carefully. The choice between quality and price has become a daily occurrence for a significant group of consumers. This is a clear trend in Europe, but it is also visible in countries all around the world.

This is particularly challenging because growing prosperity has accustomed customers to increasingly better food, and their standards won't easily lower. Customers are searching for high-quality food products in stores, but at the same time, at a reasonable price. High-yield meat products can meet these requirements. Currently, the demand for them is growing, despite having a low meat content, they taste and look like premium products.

Products from the Smart line enable the production of poultry and pork deli meats with a meat content ranging from 50% to 80%. These brines contain plant proteins, various fractions of insoluble fibers, and naturally derived carrageenans. Thanks to adding them, the high-yield products have such an attractive consistency, slicability, and biteness. Furthermore, the addition of natural flavours guarantees the best taste and aroma.

After all, it is these sensory experiences that are crucial in ensuring that customers return to the store and choose your product again!